5 Apps to Support Your Child’s Mental Health
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Kate Bailin, MA, LPC, LSCWillow Wisdom

In my previous  Willow Wisdom post, I focused on 5 recommended apps to support your mental health. Mental health apps are not just for adults! This month, I am sharing 5 apps that can be used to support your child’s mental health. Let us know if you try out any of these apps with your child at home! Visual Countdown … Read More

Marriage Counseling Myths
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Lisa Foster, LPCC, ATRWillow Wisdom

Nearly 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, and yet seeking counseling to improve your relationship is something many couples are reluctant to do. Relationship expert, Dr. John Gottman, states that the average couple waits six years after serious issues arise before getting help with their marital problems. Many have the unspoken hope that things will get better over … Read More

Create Cooperation with Your Children
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Kristen Barry, MSW, LISW-SWillow Wisdom

Life is busy for all of us. Oftentimes, as a result of this, we tend to take advantage of the moments where our children are keeping busy in a positive way in order to cross items off our to-do list. That being said, it is important to let the child know that we see them making the choices and doing … Read More

BE YOU!!!!!!
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Liza Simrell, LPCC-SWillow Wisdom

What stops you from being who YOU are? Is it societal pressure? Is it a lack of confidence in yourself? Is it someone you love holding you back? There are many reasons people choose not to fully be who they are. Sometimes it is just growing up and not knowing what you want. Sometimes it is feeling pressure to conform … Read More

Authentic Communication in Your Significant Relationships
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Ellen Larabee, LPCCWillow Wisdom

Hollywood movies often show “love” as a game with secret manuvers and manipulations and a clear winner and loser.  You must always stay a minimum of two steps ahead of the object of your desire and keep your emotions hidden from view.  Here’s a revolutionary idea: your chances of getting your needs met increase exponentially when you tell the other … Read More

Coping Strategies: Healthy Versus Unhealthy
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Amanda Guitteau-WeinerWillow Wisdom

When an individual encounters the feeling of stress or experiences difficulties with their emotions, it can be essential that they utilize a coping mechanism to help counteract it. A coping mechanism (or a coping skill) is a technique many counselors/therapists suggest to clients as a way of reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, depression, etc.  Coping skills are often utilized … Read More

Say “YES” to Saying “NO”
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Samantha ByrneWillow Wisdom

One of the most painfully inauthentic ways we show up in our lives sometimes is saying “yes” when we mean “no,” and saying “no” when we mean “hell yes.” -Brene Brown   Achieving and maintaining balance in one’s life is an issue that is often addressed in the counseling office. In order to achieve balance, it is necessary to set … Read More

Put On Your Rose Colored Glasses
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Marie Zanfardino, MA, LPCCWillow Wisdom

Yes Norman, there is power in positive thinking! Not only that, positivity begets positivity and negativity begets negativity.  You can spiral your mood up to the sun or down to the depths of darkness. There is power in thinking and you can develop a habit of thinking positively or negatively.  As it turns out, Norman Vincent Peale and his message that … Read More

Facing Adversity with Resilience
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Miller, MSW, LISWWillow Wisdom

We all face adversity off and on throughout our lifetime. One’s resilience or ability to bounce back from these challenges is, in large part, dependent on what protective factors are in place. Protective factors are that which contribute to positive mental health, allowing us to face and overcome challenges. Though some protective factors cannot be changed or controlled such as … Read More

5 Apps to Support Your Mental Health
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Kate Bailin, MA, LPC, LSCWillow Wisdom

All too often, we hear about the negative effects of too much screen time on our health and well-being.  However, with moderation, there are many apps that can help monitor and support our mental health. After all, there seems to be an app for everything these days!  The following 5 apps have been “therapist tested and approved” and are great … Read More