The Willow Center
Offering wisdom, perspective, and a listening ear, we partner with you in times of difficulty, helping you rediscover peace and restore relationships.

Welcome to The Willow Center

The strength of a willow tree is in it’s flexibility. The willow tree is capable of withstanding the most turbulent storms because it bends and sways with the wind, rather than resisting it.

If we, like the willow tree, can learn to adapt to our struggles rather than fight against them, we will weather the storms of life more successfully: leaving us more resilient than we were before the difficulty… and ultimately stronger.

Willow Kids Summer Club

June 24 – 28, 2019
The Willow Center

5565 Airport Highway, Suite 100, Toledo, Ohio 43615

The Willow Center announces a week-long Summer Club designed to address social-emotional skills and help your child:
1) Develop Greater Self-Confidence
2) Identify Emotions & Utilize Coping Skills
3) Practice Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving